Louisville, KY (July 2016) -- J. Michael Tomme, Sr. elected as the President General of the NSSAR.  The PG serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Society, appoints all Committees and members, and serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.  "Mike" becomes the 3rd member of the GA SAR to serve in the SAR's highest office.

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Notes from the Registrar

At the NSSAR Spring Leadership meeting a significant ruling for use of NSDAR record copies emerged. Finite dates for approved NDDAR record copies were established that are considered adequate source documentation for lineage and supporting documentation. The following NSDAR copies can be used as supporting documentation for lineage and source when referenced in NSSAR applications:

  1. NSDAR applications approved after 1 January 1985.
  2. The first NSDAR application approved after 1 January 1986 was NSDAR #688702.
  3. Applications bearing numbers greater than this is acceptable.
  4. First supplemental NSDAR application approved in 1985 contains the notation “add 621”. The original NSDAR number can be less that noted in 2) but the supplemental was approved in 1985
  5. First NSCAR application approved after 1 January 1985 was NSCAR #130021.

Aid is needed from the applicant and local chapter registrars to facilitate application review and approval by the registrar. The following items require the applicant and chapter registrar consideration:

  1. At the top of each source document mark in red the generations to which the document applies.
  2. On the back of the source document mark the following information “Applicant’s surname/Patriot’s surname/Chapter name/Georgia”.
  3. On the application source documents underline in red the individual that the source provides information and mark in the margin (in red) the appropriate generation.
  4. When making image copies of census, wills, deeds, etc. provide a full page image [portrait for 1850-1880 census and landscape for 1900 and up census]. If need for legibility, enlarge the target area and place on the back of the primary document.
  5. Do not staple documents together.
  6. Copies of pages from books shall be accompanied with title page and copyright date.
  7. For public records [deeds, wills, papers of administration] note on the document the county, state, Book # and page.
  8. All applications [membership and supplementals] shall be processed through the local chapter registrar.


There appears to be some misconception on the value of certain documents for use with applications. Their presence in an application package only adds volume with out source quality.  The first is a copy of NSSAR Patriot Index for a patriot. The “P#” is only a reference to a grave index for the patriot and in many cases does not show a source reference to an approved application. This is not a source data. The state registrar has received a few supplemental applications for provide patriot father and patriot son connection and consider them as family plan applications. The family plan is for the first three generational kin connections, [i.e. father, son, uncle, nephew, grandfather, etc].

Lastly, the Registrar calls to attention that many of the applications that are held up [pended] lack supporting documentation to connect two generations. This is generally a situation where there is no marriage showing the bride and documentation to connect the bride to her parents. Take time to review carefully all generational connections. If they are not clear additional documentation may be required.

The applications processed to date in the current year shows that 20% [1 in 5] applications are lacking in documentation in some form. The state Registrar does not want to hold your application for any reason. However, when the application is pended at the state level, resolution prevents NSSAR pending the application which takes much more dialogue to resolve the issues. Therefore do not hesitate to either email or call the state Registrar for assistance in preparing your application.

[N.B. The NSDAR has made available web search of Bible Records that they have digitized. The search is an index of their holdings which can be a source of information and accessed either by requesting a search or determining if LDS may have a microfilm copy of the information for rental.

Your most humble and obedient servant
Robert Sapp
Georgia Society Registrar
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