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[dir] 00 About the Source Book (__CLICK HERE FIRST__)1.3 MB2016-Apr-20
[dir] 01 SAR Pledges48.0 KB2011-Jun-26
[dir] 02 Georgia Society Officers323.8 KB2015-Nov-06
[dir] 03 Committees173.5 KB2013-May-22
[dir] 04 Georgia Society Chapters180.5 KB2012-Sep-20
[dir] 05 Georgia Society & Chapter Histories1.7 MB2017-Feb-16
[dir] 06 Creating and Governing New Georgia Society Chapters624.2 KB2016-Sep-21
[dir] 07 Georgia Society By-Laws623.4 KB2016-Apr-25
[dir] 08 National and Georgia Societies Rules of Protocol69.0 KB2016-Aug-01
[dir] 09 United States Flag2.3 MB2014-Aug-18
[dir] 10 Chapter Reporting3.0 MB2016-Jan-07
[dir] 11 State Reporting3.3 MB2016-Nov-16
[dir] 12 Membership Applications19.6 MB2016-Dec-28
[dir] 13 Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)418.1 KB2016-Aug-01
[dir] 14 Veterans1.4 MB2016-Feb-07
[dir] 15 National Recognition and Awards Program583.3 KB2014-Feb-13
[dir] 16 National & Georgia Societies Medals & Awards1.5 MB2017-Jan-30
[dir] 17 State Recognition and Awards Program3.6 MB2017-Jan-30
[dir] 18 Georgia Society Color Guard2.2 MB2016-Dec-28
[dir] 19 Georgia Society Board of Managers (BOM)82.0 KB2015-Nov-21
[dir] 20 Georgia Society Annual Meeting27.0 KB2011-Jun-26
[dir] 21 National Publications & How To Get Them27.0 KB2011-Jun-26
[dir] 22 IRS NonProfit Compliance Policies2.0 MB2013-Sep-06
[dir] 23 Endowment Funds1.2 MB2016-Feb-08
[dir] 24 Media Program and Guide4.2 MB2016-Feb-08
[dir] 25 Historic Sites and Celebrations418.5 KB2011-Jun-26
[dir] 26 Grave Marking Program3.2 MB2015-Feb-25
[dir] 27 Youth Recognition and Awards Program8.1 MB2016-Oct-08
[dir] 28 Financial Administration100.0 KB2016-Mar-08
[dir] 29 Sample Proclamations127.5 KB2012-Mar-12
[dir] 90 Appendices14.3 MB2011-Aug-16
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